The XReality Center is a new research center at The New School in New York City. Its purpose is to advance the study and design innovation of emerging technologies in the areas of virtual, augmented, and mixed realities.



A resource hub for XR activities and initiatives happening within the university.


Explore and experience what XR has to offer in order to create pedagogically sound immersive learning interactions and to gain insight into a project or initiative using emerging immersive technology.


A collaborative environment for students and faculty to develop XR initiatives and a place where products can be developed for and/or with external clients and partners.


Research will be conducted on an ongoing basis in order to comprehend how to effectively utilize this emerging technology in the education sector.


The XReality Center is made up of collaborative efforts from the XReality founder and staff, faculty committee, and students assistants.

Maya Georgieva

Maya Georgieva is the Director of Education Futures and she leads the XReality Center at The New School. Maya has delivered talks on Immersive Storytelling and Learning at MIT Media Lab, SXSWedu, EDUCAUSE, Fulbright, joint session between European Commission and European Parliament among others. She is the co-founder of Digital Bodies, an award winning website focusing on VR/AR/MR and their impact on education, media and society. She has facilitated master classes and talks on Immersive Storytelling, VR/AR/MR and New Media Narratives, Innovation in Higher Education and the Future of Learning.

Tracy Fernandez

Tracy is the Student Communication Specialist at the XReality Center. Tracy is pursuing a BBA in Strategic Management and Design at the Parsons School of Design with a minor in Creative Coding. Tracy is passionate about learning as much as she can on technology, culture, and the blending of the two in today’s society. During her time at The XReality Center, she sees VR, AR, and MR as an opportunity to inform and engage students on the relationship between design, storytelling, and interaction.

Tomas Correa

Tomas is the AR/MR Student specialist at the XReality Center. He helps facilitate workshops and provides ongoing assistance to students immersive projects. Tomas is a 3rd year BFA student at the New School for Drama, pursuing a minor in Immersive Storytelling from Parsons. He is interested in Mixed Reality and the use of the Magic Leap One Headset. Tomas uses his experience in theatre to create immersive mixed reality experiences for the stage. He is currently an actor in the VR MetaMovie The Heist as well as an active projection and sound designer. Tomas has been with the XReality center since fall 2018.

Anezka Sebek

Anezka Sebek designs curricula in BFA/MFA Design and Technology Programs in virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies, as well as teaching in studio and thesis courses. Before teaching full-time, her extensive career in the film industry includes projects for television, advertising, documentaries and feature films. More...

Daniel Sauter

Daniel is an artist who creates interactive installations and site-specific interventions dealing with the cultural and social implications of emerging technologies. His research is driven by a curiosity about the ways in which technologies shape and transform urban spaces and civil liberties. More...

Vladan Nikolic

Vladan Nikolic is an award-winning filmmaker and producer, who has written, directed and produced feature films, documentaries, and immersive multi-platform media projects. He was among the digital filmmaking pioneers in the 1990’s; his films were awarded at numerous top US and international film festivals. More...

Kyle Li

Kyle Li is the program director of BFA Design & Technology. His has a diverse background in interactive/game design, American art history, and physical computing. Similar to many other Parsons Alumni, his design voice emerged while he was a MFADT candidate here in 2006. Design & Technology is built on a sustainable and customizable design process that enables designers to work and continue working in the world of ever-changing technology. More...

Harpreet Sareen

Assistant Professor, Media and Interaction Design
Parsons School of Art, Media and Technology

Sven Travis

Associate Professor of Media and Design. More...

Ben Rubin

Artist and designer Ben Rubin was named Director of the Center for Data Arts in January 2016. Rubin’s innovative applications of media and information technology have been seen at museums, public spaces, and performance venues around the world. More...