Babylab – A CRISPR Virtual Reality Experience

BabyLab is a Virtual Reality simulation game that introduces CRISPR technology and criticizes the application of it on humans in a possible future. The experience is set in the future, […]

Adulting – A Virtual Reality Game

“Be neat” and “be on time” are the two most basic requirements of being an adult, according to Yishi Deng’s father. To understand her own approach as an adult, MFA […]

Parsons Street Seats – A 360° Film

MFA Design and Technology student, Jeana Chesnik documented and filmed a 360 video of the Parsons Street Seats 2017 project. The 360 film serves as an informational film that highlights […]

Tales of the Aswang

Tales of the Aswang is a Virtual Reality Game that invites players into the world of Filipino mythology, filled with the most prolific and yet mysterious monsters of the lore […]

Pain Terminator – A VR Game to Understand Painkillers

Pain Terminator is a game in Virtual Reality that explains the mechanism of action of painkillers (specifically nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)) inside the human body designed by Akshansh Chaudhary. He […]