Explorations with Mozilla Hubs Spaces

Starting in Spring 2020 The XReality Center has embarked on creating a set of virtual spaces in Mozilla Hubs as a way to enhance student engagement and provide new opportunities […]

Signature: Actions Have Consequences

Signature is an immersive virtual reality experience created by Akshansh Chaudhary (MFA, Design and Technology), that raises awareness on the impact of sharing personal data.

Moving Towards The Dream, Are We?

Sweksha Sinha is an MFA Graduate from the Design and Technology program at the Parsons School of Design. For her senior thesis Sweksha created a virtual reality experience exploring the relationship between of climate change and the rapid rate in which technology is advancing.

Canada Goose: Origin – Gameplay

Yanzhe Wu is a graduate from the Class of 2020 MFA Design and Technology program at Parsons School of Design. His senior thesis is a virtual reality RPG Canada Goose: Origin developed for the Oculus Quest.

VR and Empathy – NSSR Research Study

Ph.D. Psychology students Alison Martingano and Evan Henritze conducted research to determine if VR can increase empathy and charitable donations towards child refugees at the XReality Center.

Murder Next Door – 360 Video Project

Lauren Ruiz is an Integrated Design student at Parsons School of Design. Her project Murder Next Door in 360 Video takes us to the eerie residences in the United States […]