What is XReality?

The XReality Center at The New School uses the term “XR” to encompass the possibilities with immersive technology. The “X” represents the unknown potential and explorative nature of this field, allowing for its definition to expand.



Parsons School of Design use ARki to create digital narratives!

Parsons School of Design Create Digital Spatial Narratives in AR

Students from the Digital Spatial Narrative course in the Constructive Environments Program at Parsons School of Design are pushing the boundaries of […]

Maya Georgieva at SXSW

Maya Georgieva speaks at SXSWedu on Trends & Insights in XR and Immersive Learning

At SXSW Maya Georgieva will deliver the Future20 talk titled The State of XR in Education: Trends & Insights.

Spring 2022 Immersive Learning Workshops

XR and The Future of Immersive Learning With virtual and augmented reality, we are on the cusp of the next wave of […]


Read about some of the projects and research deveoloped by New School students, faculty members and staff in the realm of XReality.


We at the XR Center strongly encourage the exploration of the technology we have to offer. Our demo library has been curated to include as many fields of study as possible. We want our visitors to see the multitude of ways they can use this medium. Our goal is to promote the utility of VR, AR, and 360 media, and to remove any barriers that participants might feel when entering this emerging field. Get inspired, and once you have a concept, we will do our best to provide the tools and assist and guide you need to realize your vision.

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