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The XReality Center at The New School uses the term “XR” to encompass all of the possibilities of reality warping technology. The “X” represents the unknown potential and explorative nature of this field, leaving room for its definition to expand as more findings emerge.


Nile 360

Viewers will be swept down the Nile and transported through Khartoum’s cafés in a BBC Virtual Reality documentary series which provides a glimpse into the future of news reporting. Presented by Alastair Leithead, BBC Africa Correspondent, the two-part series was filmed using technological advances which only became available over the past months. More...


CNN partnered with interactive entertainment company Magnopus, the company behind the Coco VR experience, to launch a VR app for its virtual reality news stories on the Oculus Rift. The Oculus Rift version of the CNNVR app will have 360-degree 4K content with a news ticker at the bottom, and will launch with 100 videos from the network's VR team. More...

Skyrim in VR

Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls Five is coming out on the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Microsoft Mixed Reality headset on April 3rd. Skyrim VR for SteamVR contains the entire Skyrim experience, the base game plus the Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn expansions. Get ready to explore this epic world front and center. More...

Google Light Fields

Google has begun experimenting with using light field photography to capture more realistic virtual reality scenes. Their new demo app, "Light Fields" was released on the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets to show off what the company’s VR team has captured. The app is free on Steam. More...

Brain Controlled VR

Positivity Moves The World brings brain-controlled interface technology to the GearVR via a headband. This hands-free method of control utilizes advanced brain-wave tracking technology to allow users to alter and influence their experiences with just their thoughts. More...

Testing VR for Empathy

Can Virtual Reality be used to develop empathy and compassion? A new case study on how VR affects the brain suggests immersive story could one day be an effective therapy tool. With the help of the MO Innovation Center and the Neuromeditation Institute, StoryUP, and Dr. Jeff Tarrant, creatives and journalists study the kinds of immersive stories that can impact change. More...

Sports, Media, and Tech Event

As reality-warping technology continues to innovate the way interact with our world, the way we view the future of sports will be greatly changed. This 8:00am to 1:00pm event will explore the different opportunites this new media will provide through a range of presentations, pitches and discussion with leaders from across industry. The price? FREE. More...

Magic Leap First Edition

After 7 years of innovation, the first Magic Leap headset is unveiled. While the physical headset is not yet available, we can see the design and get in depth details about what will go inside of the headset. The Creator Portal will also be available, allowing developers to start making software for this new and exciting Mixed Reality technology. More...

VR on the GO!

Experience VR without a PC or a phone! This no wires attached Oculus innovation is coming out in 2018. With a price point of $199, a new breathable design, and their "best lenses yet," this system supports up to 1000 games, social apps, 360 experiences, and more. More...

LoVR Pop-up

Learn about the XReality Center’s LoVR Valentine’s Day Pop-up Event at the University Center, providing demonstrations of various XReality equipment and programs like the Samsung Gear, Google DayDream, Blippar, Microsoft Hololens, and more.

Motion Capture Studio

Developed over the last three years, the new Motion Capture Studio offers a host of new creative possibilities for technologists, animators, filmmakers, photographers, video game designers, and storytellers.

Promote Your Work

The XReality Center would like to promote student and faculty work featuring virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, as well as 360 media, to demo and display in the the XR Center. We invite you to submit your work for consideration.


Below is a small sampling of some of the project based development and research work being done by New School students, faculty members and staff in the realm of XReality.


In\Formation is a two part (25 min) immersive documentary investigating the medium of Virtual Reality and creative use of the technology to build empathy and new forms of storytelling. Explored through 3D 360-degree video, the live-action virtual reality experience documents VR pioneers during the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival through a deep dive into their projects, motivations and speculations. More...

VR Jazz Play Along

Jazz instructor Scott Kettner is experimenting with the development of virtual Jazz performance experiences, reconceptualizing the practice of the “jazz play along” as a learning tool. Refining the methods of 360 video performance capturing, he looks to introduce this media as a complementary component of course design in the future. More...


Daisy-VR is a game about a person who has gone through a traumatic experience.The project follows a diary narrative structure within a virtual reality space. This project was developed using the Samsung Gear VR. More...

Learners as World Builders

One of the major developments across the educational spectrum is the idea of students as creators; The New School's Maya Georgieva sees this as one of the most exciting areas in the use of virtual and augmented reality. Students today aspire to do more with technology than simply be passive consumers of a new media form. More...

Immersive Learning Spaces

Immersive technologies require that we design physical spaces for various activities. VR and AR activities can range from sitting in a swivel chair or standing at a table displaying holographic content to navigating a complex virtual space and interacting with digital objects. All of these activities require redesigning and rethinking our learning spaces. The New School's Maya Georgieva publishes research in this area on EDUCause.More...

Parsons Street Seats

Parsons Street Seats is a 360 film that documents the Parsons Street Seats project from 2017. Creator Jeana Chesnik is now working on a short 360 film documenting a recent trip to Puerto Rico with students from the lighting design and architecture program about the current state of communities in Puerto Rico who are still living without power since Hurricane Maria. More...

Mapping the UC

Nearly the entirety of the University Center has been transposed into 360 photographic capture, recreating a virtualized experience of almost every corner of every floor. This 360 content was then uploaded to Google Maps to provide comprehensive self-guided touring and exploration of the New School facility. More...


The XReality Center is a new research center at The New School in New York City. Its purpose is to advance the study and design innovation of emerging technologies in the areas of virtual, augmented, and mixed realities.

The XReality Center is based on these four building blocks:

Immersive Learning - A resource hub for XR activities and initiatives happening within the university.

XR Labs - Explore and experience what XR has to offer in order to create pedagogically sound immersive learning interactions and to gain insight into a project or initiative using emerging immersive technology.

Products and Projects - A collaborative environment for students and faculty to develop XR initiatives and a place where products can be developed for and/or with external clients and partners.

Research - Research will be conducted on an ongoing basis in order to comprehend how to effectively utilize this emerging technology in the education sector.

Led by New School's CIO, Anand, the center is comprised of a team of faculty advisers and an IT development team.

Anand Padmanabhan

Anand, founder of the XReality Center, provides vision and leadership for developing and implementing information technology initiatives that align with the mission of The New School. More...

Daniel Sauter

Daniel is an artist who creates interactive installations and site-specific interventions dealing with the cultural and social implications of emerging technologies. His research is driven by a curiosity about the ways in which technologies shape and transform urban spaces and civil liberties. More...

Sven Travis

Associate Professor of Media and Design. More...

Anezka Sebek

Anezka Sebek designs curricula in BFA/MFA Design and Technology Programs in virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies, as well as teaching in studio and thesis courses. Before teaching full-time, her extensive career in the film industry includes projects for television, advertising, documentaries and feature films. More...

Ben Rubin

Artist and designer Ben Rubin was named Director of the Center for Data Arts in January, 2016. Rubin’s innovative applications of media and information technology have been seen at museums, public spaces, and performance venues around the world. More...

Vladan Nikolic

Vladan Nikolic is an award-winning filmmaker and producer, who has written, directed and produced feature films, documentaries and immersive multi-platform media projects. He was among the digital filmmaking pioneers in the 1990’s; his films were awarded at numerous top US and international film festivals. More...

Kan Yang Li

Kyle Li is the program director of BFA Design & Technology. His has a diverse background in interactive/game design, American art history, and physical computing. Similar to many other Parsons Alumni, his design voice emerged while he was a MFADT candidate here in 2006. Design & Technology is built on a sustainable and customizable design process that enables designers to work, and continue working in the world of ever-changing technology. More...

Heather Chaplin

Heather Chaplin is a Brooklyn-based author and journalist. Her most recent book, Reckless Years: A Diary of Love and Madness (Simon & Schuster July 2017) is her first foray into memior. She is also the founding director of Journalism + Design at The New School and the recipient of more than $2 million in journalism innovation grants. In her spare time she can be found taking ballet classes she has no business attending but does anyway. More...

Jen Smith

Jennifer is the director of IT project management in the IT department at The New School. She has been involved in emerging technology initiatives starting with the advent of digital music technology at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. As a web and DVD media producer in the early dot com days in NYC, she transitioned to the New School to work in academic technology and now manages IT project initiatives.

Maya Georgieva

Maya Georgieva is the Director of Digital Learning at The New School. At the XReality Center, she leads in the areas of Immersive Learning and Research. In 2015 she co-founded Digital Bodies a consulting group focusing on VR/AR/MR and their impact on education and society. She has facilitated master classes and talks on Immersive Storytelling, VR/AR/MR and New Media Narratives, Innovation in Higher Education and the Future of Learning.

Kayla O'Daniel

Kayla O’Daniel is an ADHT Design Studies graduate student at Parsons School of Design. Since coming to The New School Kayla has been actively pursuing her interests in design and systems, technology, and business acumen. She’s recently begun exploring the realms of AR and VR and their integration into her education. She is excited for what this means for her personal education as well as the education of others. More...

Sydney Adams

Sydney Adams is a Design and Technology MFA student at Parsons School of Design. She studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Stony Brook University and decided to use her passion for storytelling to specialize in interactive design. Using anything from games to installations, her hope is to continue to explore the many ways XR technology can promote positive change. More...

PJ Moriarty

A certified Project Management Professional (PMP)® and member of The New School's Information Technology Project Management Office, PJ has conducted graduate research on both the organizational impacts of disruptive technology emergence, and the design affordances of augented reality as a vehicle for data visualization. His career softball batting average is .387. More...

The Lab

We at the XR Center strongly encourage the exploration of the technology we have to offer. Our demo library has been curated to include as many fields of study as possible. We want our visitors to see the multitude of ways they can use this medium. Our goal is to promote the utility of VR, AR, and 360 media, and to remove any barriers that participants might feel when entering this emerging field. Get inspired, and once you have a concept, we will do our best to provide the tools and assist and guide you need to realize your vision.

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Lab Resoures

The XR Center at 71 Fifth Avenue on the 9th floor offers a variety of XR related software and hardware of exploration, experimentation, and discovery.



Lab Hours

For the current list of available hours for the XRealty Center, see the lab booking page.

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XR Lab Sessions

Open Lab Time is intended for free exploration of the Center’s AR, VR, MR, and 360 equipment and software library. Walk-ins are welcome as space permits. No registration required, but we suggest you sign up to guarantee a spot.


Individual Reserve Time is for focusing on a particular piece of gear or software, testing projects, or getting help from XR staff. Time can be scheduled in 30-minute blocks. You may reserve up to three blocks at a time. Each 30-minute time slot must be scheduled individually.


Workshops are hour-long guided orientations and tutorials focusing on the introduction of XR technology. These workshops are held in our small “garage” space at 71 Fifth Avenue, room 916. You must register in advance as space is limited.


Current Workshops:

Reality Check; Orientation: Learn the fundamentals of AR, VR, MR, and 360 media in this hands on workshop that allows you to experience these platforms first hand as well as teach you more about the XReality Center. Tuesdays @ 10:00 a.m.

Intro to Unity: Want to start developing a VR experience? Curious about how to start making a game? From awe-inspiring animations to medical applications, Unity is the powerful one-stop-shop for creating digital content. Learn the basics of this free developer tool! Thursdays @ 1:00 p.m.

Creating Augmented Reality Experiences: This hands-on workshop will show you the basics of how to use BlippAR for introductory augmented reality experiences with no experience required. Tuesdays @ 1:00 p.m.

360 with Adobe Premiere for Students: 360 media is quickly becoming a new platform for journalism, entertainment, and much more. Learn the basics of capturing 360 video and editing your footage. This workshop is for New School students. Fridays at 11:00 a.m.

Video Tutorials

If you are interested in Learning resources, please see our playlists of video tutorials, put together by way of Our curated playlist are broken down by subject matter. is a online skillbuilding website available free through the New School.

MR Tutorials

The videos in this section are focused toward MR media development. See playlist...

AR Tutorials

The videos in this section are focused toward 360 media development. See playlist...

VR Tutorials

The videos in this section are focused toward 360 media development. See playlist...

360 Tutorials

The videos in this section are focused toward 360 media development. See playlist...


The videos in this section are focused toward 360 media development. See playlist...

XR Orientation

Ths is an abridged XR Lab orientation video. See playlist...

New School Courses

Here is a selection of some courses at The New School using immersive technology. For more information about these courses and other oportunities here at The New School, see the university course catalog.