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Immersive Learning Curriculum Innovation Initiative Spring 2021
Immersive Learning Innovation Initiative – Fall 2021 Proposal Call – Coming Up

For more information please contact Maya Georgieva, Director XR and HCI Lab at

Immersive Learning Innovation Initiative – Spring 2021 Proposal Call

As part of the Immersive Learning Innovation Initiative faculty are invited to consider and submit a proposal for Spring 2021 existing courses. The successful proposals will receive direct curricular and technical support from the XReality Center and students enrolled in the courses will receive the Oculus Quest 2 headset on a loan to use for the spring semester. The deadline for proposals is Monday, November 23rd.

Curriculum Opportunities:

Virtual Environments and Social Spaces: Deliver classes and group sessions in virtual spaces. Host guest speakers and activities in social worlds.

Making in 3D Worlds: Create art, design environments and virtual narratives. Develop experiences, games and 3D exhibitions or gallery spaces to create and showcase projects for internal and external audiences.

Performance Spaces: Design and host performances in virtual stages and worlds. Host virtual performances for Music, Theater, Dance, Poetry, etc.

Additional Support for Preparing your Proposal

Getting started with your proposal: Lots of ideas are coming to mind but not sure what is feasible schedule a session with Maya Georgieva to brainstorm and explore ideas.

Step 1:
Request a consultation with Maya Georgieva, Director of Education Futures / XReality Center by completing the request form or, prepare as much of the XR proposal form as you can.

Step 2: Meet with Maya Georgieva to discuss your course concept and the draft of your proposal.

Step 3: Submit your final proposal using this form.

The deadline for proposals is Monday, November 23rd.

Submit your proposal

Explore curriculum and extracurricular ideas

The XReality Center partners with faculty, programs, schools, and administrative departments to develop and offer virtual teaching and learning initiatives.

  • Leverage immersive (AR/VR) applications for teaching and learning
  • Develop opportunities for extracurricular activities and social engagement
  • Consult on providing access and facilitating immersive experiences
  • Offer research and grant writing support for exploring immersive learning

The list below provides a starting point in immersive learning explorations. We are looking for partners who are serious about piloting immersive experiences as part of the curricular and extracurricular activities. To explore XR for Learning applications, you can reach out by writing to Maya Georgieva at

Curricular project Ideas

  •  Hosting classes in 2D and 3D virtual environments 
    • Conducting Classes and Group Sessions in virtual spaces
    • Leveraging VR/AR tools to address specific curriculum objectives
    • C0- developing 3D exhibition and gallery spaces to showcase final projects for internal and external audiences
    • Hosting internal & external performances for Music, Theater, Poetry, etc.
    • Facilitating social and video screening events
  • Offer customized workshops and class visits to the XReality Center Virtual Space. Workshops can include 360° Video, 3D Software, and Augmented Reality applications.
  • Apply mobile Motion Capture remotely
  • Identify solutions to fit unique needs, including but not limited to:
    • Mobile AR deployment of 3D models
    • 360° Video editing and publishing

Extracurricular Activities

  • Hosting Virtual Events and Meetups
  • Game nights
  • Movie night screenings
  • 3D and 2D exhibitions
  • Music performances and poetry slam events
  • Join us for our XR Community Meetups – run weekly by the XReality Center on Fridays. Sign-in here to receive updates.

Additional Resources  and Opportunities


  • 3D Software Workshops
  • Augmented Reality Workshops
  • 360 Video and Image Workshop

3D Environments 

  • Custom 3D Environments For Mozilla Hubs
  • Custom Avatars for Mozilla Hubs

Consultations and Research

  • Sharing best practices in designing engaging online and virtual events
  • Providing support during virtual events

Partner in developing VR and AR engagement options for students, courses, and the entire community

  • 360 image & video processing
  • Mobile Motion Capture
  • Assessment of VR and AR applications and platforms


The XReality Center holds Open Houses to demonstrate immersive applications for curricular and extracurricular activities. Join us to learn more about virtual spaces for teaching, showcasing, and performance.  Please contact Maya Georgieva at to schedule an individual session.

For examples of projects and practices across Higher Education review the series of articles co-authored by XReality Director, Maya Georgieva From VR and AR to Our XR Future: Transforming Higher Education published by  The EDUCAUSE Review.