Brooklyn Brownstones – A Metaphor for a Gentrified City

Cindy Cao is currently pursuing her BFA in Integrated Design at the Parsons School of Design. For her final project in her Integrated Media course, she created the Brooklyn Brownstones experience, a project aimed at uncovering the problematic history behind the Brooklyn Brownstones, through the use of animated giffs and Augmented Reality (AR).


Cindy goes on to explain that what started as a cheap substitute for marble and other expensive materials is now in and of itself, an expensive material, as restorations can cost around 700,000 USD. What the experience she created shows the user is that the Brooklyn Brownstones were brought to the people through various forms of exploitation. Through the use of augmented reality, you can walk through the brownstones of Brooklyn and see the problematic past, present, and future!

Learn more about this virtual experience through this link, and experience it by using Aero!

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