Tales of the Aswang – Virtual Reality Game

Tales of the Aswang is a Virtual Reality Game that invites players into the world of Filipino mythology, filled with the most prolific and yet mysterious monsters of the lore called the Aswang. Players can navigate throughout the world by way of walking, climbing and grabbing objects while also exploring, solving puzzles, and discovering hidden narratives. MFA Design and Technology alumni, Paolo Villanueva started the project as part of his work in Thesis Studio I at Parsons. To venture inside the magical world inhabited by Aswangs watch the trailer below.

Villanueva’s initial goal for the project began with the idea of wanting to see how stories can be represented by new mediums such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. As his project developed, Villanueva realized how his project could act as a platform to launch and resurrect conversations about these creatures to a new generation. The game is composed of different episodes, and the first episode tackles the issue of mining and introduces you to two mythical creatures, the Kapre, and the Mananaggal. To learn more about the project, The Tales of Aswang, please check here.

Level design for the game was completed in multiple phases including the first phase of outlining and diagraming in addition to setting the focus points on a defined level. This level designed was the cave portion of the game. 
On Maya, 3DS, MAX, Cinema 4D and textured on Substance Painter, over 70 original 3D models from objects, environmental details, characters, and Aswangs were constructed for the game.