The Truth Beneath Waves – An Immersive Experience on Climate Change

The Truth Beneath Waves is a Virtual Reality experience that aims to highlight the slow and gradual implications of climate change. The immersive experience focuses on the underlining bleaching of coral reefs and its affect on marine creatures, which can eventually disrupt various ecosystems around the world. The project was designed by Sweksha Sinha, an MFA Design and Technology student at Parsons as part of her work in Major Studio II.

To reflect on the importance of the existence of these magical sea creatures the experience features a variety of marine life such as algae, octopus, crocodile, snails, crab, and fish. These sea creatures play an important role in maintaining the food chain and ecosystem, which is why it is so necessary that they are present within the experience. The floating text in the experience pushes the discussion further by elaborating the adverse affect of climate change on them. Learn more.

The Truth Beneath Waves (Video).

Flocking affects in Unity 3D were used to create the fish.