In:Bodied – The Augmented Self Exhibition

MARCH 04, 2019 – MARCH 31, 2019

In:Bodied explores the concept of the augmented self.  The exhibition engages with the the assumption that design and technology can be applied toward the betterment (advancement) of humanity and considers designers as change-makers and disruptors. The show features projects that focus on exploring and enhancing the human experience as it continually co-evolves alongside or intersects with intelligent machines.  It also posits the questions:

How can we create a constructive dialogue on human integration with technology and the future?

How can design use technology to improve the safety and quality of the human body?

How can technology contribute to building a more compassionate and improved body?

How did humans and technology evolve and design around and for each other for the last century?








Curated by Hala A Malak and  Joelle Firzli

Designed by Maurice Dusault

Research Assistant: Yasmine Abu Zeid

This exhibition was made possible with support from the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, School of Design Strategies at Parsons School of Design, and Design and Flow.