The XReality Center Featured in Campus Technology’s article: 9 Amazing Uses for VR and AR in College Classrooms

Earlier this week, Campus Technology released an article: 9 Amazing Use for VR and AR in College Classrooms in which they featured The XReality Center as one of the nine university campuses introducing students to immersive technologies. The XReality Center focuses on educating students through hands-on workshops and demonstrations, supporting students as they explore these mediums in their coursework for the first time. Recent projects, The XReality Center have collaborated on are the Parsons Fashion Study Collection Virtual Reality Experience, which allows students to get up close and study a precious and rare garment, learn how it is made and its historical significance; and, the Eugene Lang War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast that linked the past and the present with a performance and recording in 360 video .

The potential of immersive technologies in education is immense. And, that sentiment is growing across campuses. The New School has introduced an Immersive Storytelling minor where students can explore experiential and immersive storytelling in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality, data visualization, 360 spherical films, and interactive theater. The XReality Center at The New School hopes to create more opportunities for students to engage and learn from immersive technologies.