XR Meet-ups Recap! May Edition

In May, we continued the XReality Center series of online meetups on zoom and experimented with social VR platforms. With students graduating this month we decided to bring in  experts who are actively working in the XR industry. In a conversation led by the XReality Centers Director Maya Georgieva we engaged with students from all corners of the New School to talk the latest developments in XR. Heres a quick recap of our meet-ups.

May 1st, 2020 – Shared Storytelling in the Metaverse: Interactive Cinema and the MetaMovie Project

Topic: Second Person Narratives in VR 

Speaker – Jason Moore, Creator of The MetaMovie Project 


  • How were you first introduced to VR?
  • What was the biggest challenge transitioning from traditional film to VR storytelling?
  • What was your experiencing building in High Fidelity and why have you switched to NeosVR?
  • What challenges have you faced working with actors in VR?
  • Can you describe your on boarding process for getting your ‘VIP’ into character?
  • What limitations still exist for VR narratives and how do you think we can overcome them?
  • What principles from traditional filmmaking do you think carryover into VR storytelling?
  • What opportunities are out there for VR and AR storytellers? Audiences, Grants, etc.


May 8th, 2020 – What’s NEXT in XR?

Topic – Upcoming Companies and Technology in the XR Industry

Speaker – Emory Craig, Co-founder of Digital Bodies


  • What new XR companies should we all be paying attention to?
  • What has been the most impact XR project you’ve experienced thus far?
  • How have XR companies shifted during Covid -19?


May 22th, 2020 – Design in XR

Topic – Design in XR

Speakers: Akshansh Chaudhary and Yanzhe Wu


  • What was the inspiration for your project?
  • What technical problems did you have to overcome?
  • Why did you decide on this particular platform (VR, 360 etc) to showcase the piece?
  • What was your development workflow for creating your piece?
  • What are the next steps for you in producing this project?
  • What sort of audience does your piece cater too?


May 29th, 2020 – Exploring Social VR

Topic Exploring Social VR