Explorations with Mozilla Hubs Spaces

Starting in Spring 2020 The XReality Center has embarked on creating a set of virtual spaces in Mozilla Hubs as a way to enhance student engagement and provide new opportunities for collaboration. During the fall semester the XReality Center will host virtual events, class visits and other social activities in these spaces. The XReality Center is interested in partnering with faculty, programs, schools, and administrative departments to develop and offer virtual teaching and learning initiatives. Below you can see an overview of virtual XRealty Center Hub.

  • Leverage immersive applications for teaching and learning
  • Develop opportunities for extracurricular activities and social engagement
  • Consult on providing access and facilitating immersive experiences
  • Offer research and grant writing support for exploring immersive learning

To address the need for access to both VR headsets and bandwidth, the Center has built a set of virtual spaces that can be accessed via headsets and PC/laptops on the web. In addition, we have identified a set of Augmented Reality solutions that can be accessed on both the web and mobile devices. These applications can serve a variety of needs and purposes across courses and schools. The list below provides a starting point in this exploration. We see these options as ways to complement and enhance a course and not necessarily teach the entire course in Virtual Reality. We are looking for partners who are serious about piloting immersive experiences as part of the curricular and extracurricular activities. For more information and opportunities to get engaged with XR for Learning applications please contact Maya Georgieva at maya@newschool.edu.