Volunteers Needed for Digital Scene Partner – Interactive Drama

Volunteers Needed for Digital Scene Partner is an interactive drama that explores the potential of Augmented Reality in Theatre created by Tomas Correa, a Class of 2020 graduate from the BFA Drama Program at The College of Performing Arts. In this immersive performance audience members wear the Magic Leap One headset to experience scenes from a variety of different plays where they interact with a digital scene partner. 

One of the goals of the project was to explore how interactive narratives work in a live performance setting. Audiences were presented with a conflict between two characters; one being a live actor and the other existing in augmented reality. As the piece progresses, audiences must choose a side which leads them to encounter different paths of the narrative. A second goal of this project was to understand the performance process for acting with an augmented reality scene partner.

The volumetric captures in this project were done using Depthkit Studio. The digital environments were created in Unity 3D. The experience itself was run off of Unity and deployed to the Magic Leap One using Magic Leap Remote.