Murder Next Door – 360 Video Project

Lauren Ruiz is an Integrated Design student at Parsons School of Design. Her project Murder Next Door in 360 Video takes us to the eerie residences in the United States where notable murders have taken place. This piece was created as part of the Integrated Media course taught by Zohar Kfir at The Parsons School of Design. The full project and sites can be viewed here on the web platform Lauren created for the project.


“Murder Next Door is a 360-degree panoramic website that explores locations of U.S. houses that have recorded incidents of murder. For this project, in short, I used Google Maps’ street view feature to download panoramic images and Wix as my supportive web design platform. Wix offers a virtual tours application on its website builder that allows creators to import a panoramic image into a viewing platform. The entirety of the project consisted of experimenting with new tools and platforms to get the output I wanted.” – Lauren Ruiz.