The XReality Center Welcomes Participants of the 2019 Critical Edge Alliance Conference

Critical Edge Alliance (CEA) is a global collaborative framework created by eight universities, including The New School that focuses on radical concepts of education, democracy, and research. Hosted from June 6th to the 8th, the 2019 CEA Conference was held at The New School to explore contemporary issues around boundary crossing, as they relate to universities and learning.

The XReality Center joined the 2019 CEA Conference in the Starr Foundation Hall. Participants were able to demo mixed reality, virtual reality, and 360 video experiences on the center’s equipment. On the Oculus Quest, participants dove into the world of Darth Vader in the first Star Wars story designed exclusively for virtual reality. On the Magic Leap One, participants got to see digital elements interact within the physical space in mixed reality. Participants of the CEA Conference then broke out into guided tours of the center. These tours gave participants the opportunity to engage and critically examine how immersive technologies could impact student-centered learning and transform education within universities.

We would like to thank everyone who visited our station and stopped by the center! Stay updated on The XReality Center by following our Instagram and Twitter page.

Maya Georgieva, Director of Digital Learning, tests the Magic Leap One.
Participants from the CEA 2019 Conference experience Virtual Reality on the newest headsets in the center.

A participant from the CEA 2019 Conference tries In Orbit, a multisensory space experience in Virtual Reality.