What’s New: Inside the XReality Center

We are excited to share with students and faculty the new addition of VR/MR headsets and 360° cameras in the XR Lab. The XReality Center owns a variety of tethered and wireless headsets that now include the HTC Vive Pro, HTC Vive Focus, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest, and the Magic Leap. The potential of Virtual Reality in educational spaces is growing as the visual resolution, sound and efficiency are improved. With our new VR equipment, the XReality Center aims to give the New School students and faculty the opportunity to experience and create cutting edge immersive experiences.

The Oculus Rift S was announced in March 2019 and is an elevated iteration of the first Rift headset. The Rift S features improved optics that support a sharper display for VR experiences. A redesigned halo inspired headband that allows for a more comfortable and precise fit. Most notably, it features Oculus Insight Tracking that eliminates the need for external sensors, providing room-scale tracking via the two front cameras on the headset. These changes raise the standard for VR by giving more freedom to the user to view and interact with content.



 The highly anticipated Oculus Quest was released as the premium self-contained headset – no wires or PC is needed. No wires or PC needed. The convenience of the headset is not the only feature that should be highlighted. With two touch controllers, Oculus Insight Tracking, and exclusive VR content, the Quest’s thoughtful and innovative design advances the accessibility of VR in education. We can not wait to see more multiplayer experiences released for the Quest.




The improvements made for the HTC Vive Pro are significant and distinguish it as one of the leading VR headsets for creatives and professionals. The upgraded optics let users view VR media at a resolution of 1,440 by 1,600 pixels per eye with an OLED display. With the updated strap design, maximizing comfort and ease of use, users should find the headset’s new design to be straightforward and comfortable to wear.




The HTC Vive Focus is an enterprise-focused, self-contained VR headset. Its high-resolution screens (3K Amoled) and robust processing system (Qualcomm Snapdragon 855) differentiate the headset by focusing on simulating real-life scenarios. The Vive Focus aims to train and educate professionals, promoting new methods of learning through VR.





The secrecy around the Magic Leap One, a Mixed Reality headset, left VR enthusiasts curious to know more. Released early 2018, the MR headset is a three-piece system that includes a headset called Lightwear, a small wearable computer called the Lightpack, and a handheld controller. With its intuitive and interactive design, the Magic Leap One shows that MR has the potential to take digital elements to the next level, creating immersive experiences that defy reality.




To meet the growing demand among The New School community for immersive content and creation, the XReality Center has expanded its 360° media equipment with the Insta360° One X and the Insta360° Pro 2. Using this specialized equipment, high-quality videos and photos can be captured from a 360-degree perspective at 5K resolution on the Insta360° One X and 8k resolution with the Insta360° Pro 2. To try any of the following equipment mentioned, reach out to the XReality Center here.

With the release of the new Insta360 One camera, Insta360 has released a mobile app and desktop software to let users streamline their workflow in 360 projects. Those familiar with 360° cameras should expect the One X to feel closer to using a DSLR with more customizable settings that let users achieve the perfect immersive image.





Top of the line 360° cameras, the Insta360 Pro 2 shoots 8K video and images with the help of its six lenses. The camera’s most notable feature is the Farsight Live Monitoring, which allows users to control/adjust settings on the camera from longer distances, using a transmitter and receiver. Developments within the supporting software have resulted in a plug-in for Premiere Pro that allows users to work with proxy files instead of needing to first stitch files. The robustness of the Insta360 Pro 2 camera positions it as a professional-grade 360° camera. 



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