Call for Proposals: Immersive Learning Innovation Initiative

As part of the Immersive Learning Innovation Initiative faculty are invited to consider and submit a proposal for Spring 2021 existing courses. The successful proposals will receive direct curricular and technical support from the XReality Center and students enrolled in the courses will receive the Oculus Quest 2 headset on a loan to use for the spring semester. The deadline for proposals is Monday, November 23rdSubmit your proposal

Curriculum Opportunities:

Virtual Environments and Social Spaces: Deliver classes and group sessions in virtual spaces. Explore visual, science and other simulations and field trips. Host guest speakers and activities in virtual social worlds.

Making in 3D Worlds: Create art, media, design environments and virtual narratives. Develop experiences, games and 3D exhibition and gallery spaces to share and showcase projects for internal and external audiences.

Performance Spaces: Design and host performances in virtual stages and worlds. Host virtual performances for Music, Theater, Dance, Poetry, etc.


Additional Support for Preparing your Proposal

Getting started with your proposal: Lots of ideas are coming to mind but not sure what is feasible schedule a session with Maya Georgieva to brainstorm and explore ideas.

Step 1:
Request a consultation with Maya Georgieva, Director of Education Futures / XReality Center by completing the request form or, prepare as much of the XR proposal form as you can.

Step 2: Meet with Maya Georgieva to discuss your course concept and the draft of your proposal.

Step 3: Submit your final proposal using this form.

The deadline for proposals is Monday, November 23rd.

Submit your proposal