Join us Friday 10.30 for our spookiest XR Meetup yet!!

Join us this Friday in the virtual XReality Center Hub for our spookiest XR Meetup yet!!  Connect with storytellers, designers, and makers from the XR Community at The New School to talk Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality.

VR experiences play on a wide range of emotions to engage the viewer. One of the most intense and immersive emotions that creators love to tap into is fear! This week we’ll be talking about scary experiences in VR as we figure out what makes them so compelling.

We are going to have our avatars in Halloween costumes and there’ll be spooky music, ghost stories, and conversations about all things XR. We will start on Zoom and hop into the Immersive Cafe. Join us in VR or on your laptop. RSVP to received instructions here.  Hope to see you all there!