Adulting – A Virtual Reality Game

“Be neat” and “be on time” are the two most basic requirements of being an adult, according to Yishi Deng’s father. To understand her own approach as an adult, MFA Design and Technology student, Yishi Deng created a Virtual Reality game called Adulting as part of her work in Thesis Studio I at Parsons. Dedicated to her father’s concerns, the player addresses the daily challenges as a graduate student living abroad. Players begin the game in a bathroom where they are tasked to explore the room and complete the list of chores: feeding the cats before heading out, cleaning up the house, cleaning the sink, showering, etc. Each chore must be assigned with the correct sticker in order for the player to advance.

Learn more about the project, Adulting here.

To understand how her father defines “adulting”, Deng interviewed him on his habits, feelings, and concerns as an adult.
Deng spoke to her peers and asked them to map out their morning routine as part of her field research.
The first prototype was built with a standalone VR headset Lenovo Mirage. Players could use a remote to move around and interact with the objects in the space.