Experience Public AR Art NewBabel at Union Square

We are excited to announce our collaboration with William T. Ayton and Diana, ayton- Shenker and Maya Georgieva from the XReality Center on the New Babel public AR Art project. Join us at Union Square Wednesday – Friday at 1:00 – 2:00 pm to meet the artist and a public tour of the AR installation.

AR ART: New Babel, an Augmented Reality (AR) public art installation featuring works of William T. Ayton, that transforms the heart of NYC into an immersive art environment. Imagine a towering fusion of original art, emerging technology, and digital media, soaring nearly 1000’ high, yet held in the palm of your hand. This pilot AR installation is a tribute to The New School’s role in catalyzing social change, and as an homage to New York City as a global center for towers of knowledge, creative freedom, enterprise, and in-gathering.

Activated in and around Union Square Park in NYC, its AR elements offer new ways to view themes of universal human rights, fundamental freedoms, collaborative innovation, creative expression, and intellectual inquiry. Created by artist William T. Ayton, in collaboration with The New School’s Global Catalyst Senior Fellow, Diana Ayton-Shenker, New Babel was incubated and produced in close coordination with Maya Georgieva at the XReality Center and Parsons Design and Technology alumnae Min Kwan.

How to see New Babel: 
New Babel is designed to be viewable via hand-held devices (phones, tablets, etc.) and accessed via poster-based scan codes distributed throughout the square, or through a pre-downloaded app. Access is free to the public.


              iOS                                                                                 Android