Immersive Narratives in 360 Video

This year students from The School of Public Engagement’s Media Studies program explored new narrative formats with 360 videos. In the class taught by Virgil Wong students learned how VR is being used as a potent storytelling tool to create visceral sensations of presence and place, address social and political issues, and nurture meaningful changes in […]

Immersive Narratives in VR and AR

In Fall 2019 the students in the Immersive Narratives in VR/AR course at The School of Public Engagement Media Studies Program created a collection of immersive projects

AR Art on the Square: New Babel

We are excited to feature our collaboration with William T. Ayton and Diana, Ayton- Shenker and Maya Georgieva from the XReality Center on the New Babel public AR Art project.

Babylab – A CRISPR Virtual Reality Experience

BabyLab is a Virtual Reality simulation game that introduces CRISPR technology and criticizes the application of it on humans in a possible future. The experience is set in the future, demonstrating a society that is allowed to applies CRISPER technology to human embryos. In the game, players are able to experience how CRISPER technology will […]

Adulting – A Virtual Reality Game

“Be neat” and “be on time” are the two most basic requirements of being an adult, according to Yishi Deng’s father. To understand her own approach as an adult, MFA Design and Technology student, Yishi Deng created a Virtual Reality game called Adulting as part of her work in Thesis Studio I at Parsons. Dedicated […]

Tales of the Aswang – Virtual Reality Game

Tales of the Aswang is a Virtual Reality Game that invites players into the world of Filipino mythology, filled with the most prolific and yet mysterious monsters of the lore called the Aswang. Players can navigate throughout the world by way of walking, climbing and grabbing objects while also exploring, solving puzzles, and discovering hidden […]